I have to go the store right now if I want to get lemonade but I forgot how much I like making smiling gifs so here ya go

I have to go the store right now if I want to get lemonade but I forgot how much I like making smiling gifs so here ya go

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this is my “it’s too fucking hot” face

this is my “it’s too fucking hot” face

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Anonymous said: ok can we just send you love instead bc ur the greatest, selfies or no

Of courseeee <3333333

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Anonymous said: Can your fans request selfies? Like a pic of you hugging something you love?

I mean y’all can make all the requests you want but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll happen, you know?

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I get so annoyed when people insist on bringing up the fact that they hate Nicki’s music but love her as a person because why is that even fucking relevant






she put up a video of her telling miyah that she thinks she’s very pretty without the wig too and that playing dress up is fun but to promise to stay in school

Love this!

Stories you won’t see in the media

#nicki is so protective of young girls#this needs to be underlined more#also she gives them edited versions of her albums#magical girls protect other girls#bless nicki

You can hate someone’s music and love them as a person. This is one of those cases for me.

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I suppose it’s fitting that I’m angry about my job on Labor Day




I’m still fucked up at the fact that the longest piece of English fictional literature written by any human is a super smash bros brawl fan fic.

Hey there
Would you like to talk about Homestuck?

A lot of people are commenting this post with Homestuck related stuff.

Homestuck is calculated to have only a bit over about one million and no matter how much wiggle room you give it to claim it has more words it is no where near Subspace Emissary’s word count of 3,929,194 words as of now(September 1st, 2014).


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There’s an extremely good reason that I have an anxiety attack just about every day that  work AND why every single manager at my store is v v v good at dealing with employees having anxiety attacks



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Ultimately nothing you do has any meaning. You are insignificant. Your soulmate is insignificant. There is no faster as there is no such thing as time. 



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Ultimately nothing you do has any meaning. You are insignificant. Your soulmate is insignificant. There is no faster as there is no such thing as time. 

Don’t get me wrong, working in the kitchen is also stressful because you have tons of orders piled up and you’re under pressure to be fast and neat and make the food correctly and there are always people watching you

but doing front is a different type of stressful because you are literally forced to perform every single second you’re up front, because if you don’t smile at a customer and act like they’re the best customer you’ve ever had ever then you’re going to at best be complained about online (I’ve gotten like 4 complaints in the past month due to me not smiling at a customer during a horrible rush) and at worst they’re going to yell at you right there while you’re trying to do your work.

In the meantime, you have orders piling up, the drink station has run out of straws and every customer has something to say to you about that, someone in drive-thru is trying to add 4 meals at the window and is screaming at your collector (who is a 16 year old girl that you’ve heard speak twice) because you told her she couldn’t allow anyone to add on at the window because you’re absolutely swamped with orders and if they insist they have to fucking park, and a small child in the dining room has just caused someone to drop a medium drink. Soda is everywhere. This is your problem. The phone keeps ringing, the assholes in drive-thru are gone but your collector is going to have an anxiety attack, specialty board has run out of chicken and it’s going to be at least 3 minutes before any new chicken comes out of the fryer, your broiler person has disappeared and you’re down to your last whopper, the girl you got to do front while your front person cleans up the dining room and stocks the fucking straws is getting yelled at by an old man because we no longer have a senior discount, and this is alllllllll your problem


shout out to everyone in a fast food place that works front counter or drive-thru you are the real heroes

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snailwitch replied to your post “Once I had to run out of the office to stop a fight between one of the…”



like okay my coworker is this tiny girl and this woman was like twice the size of her and this woman wanted to fight sooooooooooo bad. she kept calling her a bitch and once I came out and told my coworker to just go in the kitchen (because we basically have an agreement that I handle any altercations because she blows up so easily) the woman was like “that’s right, walk away BITCH” and I literally had to yell over her “just GO STAY IN THE KITCHEN”

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Other fights I’ve been in because The Customer Was Wrong:

-a man once had a full blown tantrum because he ordered a cheeseburger deluxe (an item we Did Not Have at the time) no ketchup, no pickles. I attempted to explain we only have regular cheeseburgers and asked if he wanted that only mustard? He got very condescending and told me that he wanted it how he said, no ketchup, no pickles. He got his food and came back up to the counter and threw his tray down and yelled at me about his sandwiches

-a man who thought our advertisements were decieving because an item on our king deals menu was 1.49 and the ad for our king deal menu said “Starting at 1 dollar”. I explained this to him and then he told me I was wrong, I offered to go outside to look at the banner with him, he refused and told me he knew what the fuck it said. He also told me I was representing BK and therefore anything that was wrong with the store was my fault. This ended when, after he had screamed at me for a good 3 minutes, another man in our dining room told him he was a fucking asshole and a woman called the cops

-a man once yelled at me for like 3 minutes because his double stacker did not have lettuce on it; I explained that our double stackers come with stacker sauce, cheese, and bacon and he yelled that he also wanted lettuce on it. He did not tell me he wanted lettuce when he first ordered

-I had a two minute screaming match with a drunk woman because we were closed and she wanted food; she attempted to force open our (fortunately locked) window and then tried to break it by banging her hands on it. This ended when my manager came out and told her to fuck off or he was calling the cops

-a man got very angry when I asked him if the sandwich he was ordering was only ONLY tomato and onion because it usually also comes with lettuce and mayonnaise. He angrily repeated “tomato and onion” multiple times while I asked “okay, but only tomato and onion or do you want lettuce and mayonnaise as well?” multiple times. He finally screamed DID I SAY MAYONNAISE and drove off